RULES AND REGULATIONS (including but not limited to):

  1. 1. Check-in time is 2PM-10PM. CHECK-OUT TIME IS 12 NOON. Gate closes at 10:00 p.m.
  2. 2. Failure to check-in on entry date will result in the cancellation of the entire stay and forfeiture of reservation fees.
  3. 3. Maximum Occupancy per campsite is 1 recreational vehicle, 1 extra vehicle, 8 persons. Additional vehicles and guests must pay the current day-use fee. No campsites will be rented unless occupied by an RV.
  4. 4. Dogs must be kept on a leash and under a responsible personís control at all times and are not allowed on the sand.
  5. 5. Self-contained RVís only. No tent camping allowed.
  6. 6. Front row spaces will only accommodate RVís up to 30 feet in length. Second row spaces will only accommodate RVís up to 45 feet in length. No RVís over 45 feet.
  7. 7. All RVís parked in the front row campsites (1 thru 17) must back into their spaces. This policy is strictly enforced for safety reasons.
  8. 8. Quiet hours are between 10:00pm Ė 6:00am
  9. 9. Refunds will be charged $10 if over 30 days in advance and $25 for less than 30 days.